Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gift Cards and Cash Registers

Yes Cash Registers can integrate with your own private label Gift Cards. Now that does not mean every Gift Card company out there, but it can be done.

Don't however confuse that with the idea that every Cash Register can accept integrated Gift Cards. First of all it must be a commercial grade cash register with a serial port that can interface to a Datacap Credit Card Modem (designed just for cash registers and POS) So if you are thinking you can do this with a cheap cash register from a big box store you will be disappointed, however that does not mean you need to spend a fortune either. Cash Registers capable of Integrated Gift Card and Credit Card start at about $299.00 and up but are going to come from a commercial grade cash register dealer, not the office supply store or discount warehouse!

One Credit Card and Gift Card company specializes in Cash Register Interfaces. That company is Mercury Payment Systems and they offer a FREE Gift Card program when you use them for Credit Card. You still pay for the plastic cards but no discount or transaction fee!

Plastic Gift Cards systems are so much more secure then the standard old paper gift certificate. Even if someone stole your entire stock of cards they are useless until activated through your cash register and of course after they are activated you would have a paper trail. There are many other reasons to use a Plastic Gift Card system.

Don't be left in the past, start your own private label gift card system today. Safe and secure through a Cash Register or POS system.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cash Register Keys

Are you looking for the hard to find keys for the XE Model Sharp Cash Registers. Well finally there is a site selling some of them. Here is a list of XE Models the have keys for.
  • XE-A20S
  • XE-A40S
  • XE-A201
  • XE-A302
  • XE-A302A
  • XE-A401
  • XE-A402
  • XE-A403

So if your are looking for Sharp Cash Register Keys check out the CRG

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cash Register Ink Ribbons and Ink Rollers

Although most modern cash registers use thermal paper and don't require an ink ribbon or roller there are a few that still do. One of the hardest to find is the IR-90/91 Ink Roller. The IR-90/91 is the Ink Roller for the Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register

Another very hard to find Ink Ribbon is the IR-71 or 805 Ink Ribbon for the Sharp UP-600 Cash Register and a few other Sharp Cash Registers

Remember do not ever re-ink an ink roller or ribbon. Re-inking a cash register ribbon almost always results in the destruction of the cash register. There are a few companies out there that sell re-inked ribbons and rollers. Avoid them at all cost! The real ribbons and rollers are not that expensive that it would warrant buying re-inked ribbons or rollers.

Another important item is the cash register paper. Make sure you keep paper in your cash register even if you don't issue a receipt. Keep the paper in the machine and turn the receipt off. Quite often running a electronic cash register without paper will cause damage to the printer. And lets face facts, if your printer is damaged it is often cheaper to buy a new machine instead of repairing a printer.

Cash Register Dealer in Tacoma

If you are looking for a Sharp Cash Register Dealer in Tacoma then look no further then National Business Systems (NBS)located in Kent WA.

NBS is located in Kent just between Seattle and Tacoma. They have been serving the greater Puget Sound area of Washington State for over 36 years. NBS's products include Sharp Cash Registers, SAM4s Cash Registers, Digital Dining, Aldelo POS, Keystroke POS, Casio Cash Registers, as well as paper and ink ribbons for all types of POS printers and registers.

Click here for NBS the best Cash Registers in Tacoma

Friday, November 7, 2008

The New Sharp UP-810F

Sharp new UP-810F is a very cool hybrid cash register / POS system. This machine features a small color touch screen and a programmable keyboard. The UP-810F uses a single station thermal printer that can be used as a guest check. The UP810F has many options like expanded memory, kitchen printer, integrated credit card inteface, integrated gift card, integrated EBT, computer interface, and much more.

Before you spend a bunch of money on a windows based touch screen POS system check out a ROM based system like the 800 series from Sharp. ROM based systems tend to be lower maintenance and have a lower total cost of ownership then the software based touch screen systems have.

Best price for the UP-810F Cash Register can be found at the CRG and they will ship in the box or with a fully custom program.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sharp UP-820F Cash Register

Sharp has a new model series of Cash Registers out. The new series features a large keyboard and a TOUCH SCREEN display! This new design is far outside the box of traditional thinking. You get the best of two proven technologies in the standard keyboard and the touch screen
The 820F features a two station high speed thermal printer with receipt and journal. The UP820F is designed for quick service restaurants.
The Sharp UP-820F has many features and options like credit card interface, scale interface, gift card interface, ebt interface, computer interface, barcode scanner interface, and a few more.
The CRG have the best price on the Sharp UP-820F Cash Register check them out if you are looking for this high end register with a mid range price tag!

Friday, October 17, 2008

POS Systems In Seattle

If you are in need of a Cash Register or POS System in the Seattle Area then look no further then National Business Systems located in Kent, WA. they offer POS systems and Cash Registers in Washington State.

They are a full service dealer for Sharp Cash Registers, SAM4s Cash Registers, Digital Dining, Aldelo, Keystroke POS, Microsoft POS, Microsoft RMS, and more. They also offer all the supplies like thermal paper rolls, ink ribbons and rollers as well.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cash Register Theft Prevention

OK for years now we have been advising people to leave their Cash Registers Open when the store is closed! What you ask, are we crazy? Not at all because what we see all the time is a thief breaks in to your store, eyes a cash drawer that is closed and they assume it is just full of cash! So thinking they have hit the jack pot they proceed in destroying your cash register, or just taking the entire thing! And we all know what the idiot thief does not! There is no cash in the drawer, and most often there is a simple switch on the bottom of the drawer that will pop it open. But if thieves thought , well they just would not be thieves would they!

So leave the drawer open and a thief will most likely move along! Even if you are silly enough to leave the drawer full of cash leave it open (unless it can be viewed from outside your store of course). Leaving the drawer open will hopefully at least limit the damage a thief will do!


Sharp ER-A530 Cash Register

The ER-A530 Cash Register is a great machine. Features a large flat keyboard, two station receipt and journal printer, large cash drawer, and RS232 Interfaces.

The ER-A530 was designed for the quick service food service restaurant. I do not recommend for a table service restaurant.

Pretty easy to program and the keyboard template is available online. Lots of options available to make the most of the machine like Integrated Credit Card, Integrated Gift Card, Scale, Computer, DVR, Barcode Scanner, Kitchen Printer, and more.

Best buys for this machine is at Sharp ER-A530 Cash Register from the Cash Register Guys or at Sharp ER-A530 from POS Estore

Monday, August 4, 2008

Ink Rollers For the Sharp ER-A320 and ER-A330

The Sharp ER-A320 and ER-A320 Cash Registers both use an IR-90/91 Ink Roller in the printer. Never try to re-ink this roller when it fades. Replace the roller when the print become light. Some busy places use an Ink Roller every two weeks, but most replace the Ink Roller about every month or so.

Most Ink Rollers can be stored for quite a while as long as they are sealed. Just keep them in a cool dark place and they could keep for years in some cases.

Click here For a great deal on IR-90/91 Ink Rollers for The Sharp ER-A320 and ER-A330 Cash Registers

Sharp ER-A320 Interfaces

So the Sharp ER-A320 is a great machine. Very Heavy Duty printer and cash drawer. However we get a lot of request to interface this machine do different devices like a computer, coin changer, DVR, liquor dispenser etc. So although it is a great machine it does not interface to anything at all! It is a simple work horse for what it does.

Sharp Cash Registers Commercial Grade

So almost every day we get a call for someone looking for parts or help on an XE model of Sharp Cash Register. So the problem is Cash Register Dealers carry the commercial line of Sharp Cash Registers not the consumer line of XE models. If you bought an XE from one of the big box stores like Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, Costco etc. then you must call Sharp Directly for support, and good luck by the way. So take the XE back to the big box store and then look for a commercial grade Cash Register. Here are a couple great sources. Sharp Cash Registers from The Cash Register Guys and Sharp Cash Registers from Point of Sale Estore

The commercial grade machines from Sharp all start with the model line up of ER, or UP and include:
  • Sharp ER-A242
  • Sharp ER-A320
  • Sharp ER-A330
  • Sharp ER-A410
  • Sharp ER-A420
  • Sharp ER-A440
  • Sharp ER-A450T
  • Sharp ER-A520
  • Sharp ER-A530
  • Sharp UP-600
  • Sharp UP-700

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sharp ER-A330 Cash Register

The Sharp ER-A330 is a great Heavy Duty Cash Register. Very much like the best selling Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register. What the Sharp A330 brings to the table that the A320 did not is that it has clerks and can have a few more department keys. It does come standard with a few more function keys as well.

The ERA330 comes with 6 coded cashiers for tracking sales. The Sharp ER-A330 features a heavy duty numeric two station receipt and journal printer. The printer uses 44mm bond paper and an IR-90/91 Ink Roller. The cash drawer is heavy duty with a 5 bill 5 coin removable till

If you can live without cashiers stick with the Sharp ER-A320 but if you need them then the A330 is the one you want.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sharp Cash Register Keyboard Covers

Looking for a Keyboard Cover for your Sharp Cash Register? You can find silicone or rubber keyboard covers for almost every Sharp Cash Registers at CRG. They range in price from about $20.00 and up.

For Sharp Cash Register Keyboard Covers

Sharp ER-A320 Review

The Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register is a work horse of a machine. If you need a down and dirty simple machine that will last a long time then this is the one. I understand it is one of the best selling registers on the market. Here are some highlights
  • 44mm Bond Paper Impact Printer. 44mm is a very common bond paper.
  • 2 station printer (receipt and journal)
  • Each to change and long lasting Ink Roller
  • Standard 10 departments
  • multiple tax rates
  • heavy duty 5 bill 5 removable till
  • validates
  • rear customer display

Here are few things this machine is not good for or won't do.

  • No Bar code Scanning
  • No PC Interface
  • No Alpha Print (numeric only)
  • No Credit Card Interface
  • No Scale Interface
  • No Interfaces

But keep in mind, this a simple heavy duty machine that is priced right. Add all those options above that it does not have and it would be an expensive register.

The Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register is a great machine where you just need open entry departments (or a few pre-sets) bond paper rather then thermal, a large volume of business, easy to use. Often you will find the Sharp ERA320 in C-Stores, Liquor Stores, Gift Shops, Deli's, snack bars, and much more.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sharp UP-700 Cash Register

The most powerful register from Sharp has got to be the Sharp UP-700 Cash Register designed for restaurants. The UP-700 has a large keyboard, dual thermal printers, large LCD display, and a very heavy duty cash drawer.

Options include Kitchen Printer, Kitchen Video, Credit Card Interface, Computer Interface, Scanner, Gift Card Interface, Scale, Coin Changer, and more.

Sharp Commercial Cash Registers

Sharp makes great commercial grade Cash Registers. If you are looking for a great Cash Register at a discount price check out these Sharp Cash Registers

Again XE models are not commercial grade only models starting with ER and UP are.


Sharp Cash Registers

Sharp Cash Registers are some of the best registers on the market. The commercial grade register line up starts with the powerful and affordable ER-A242 up to the super powerful Sharp UP-700 POS Register.

The work horse of the entry level mode is the Sharp ER A320 Cash Register. The ER A 320 uses an impact numeric printer with few bells and whistles. But if you need simple, 10 to 15 departments, and durable, then this is the machine.

Find a great price on the Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register here.

Please don't confuse the Sharp XE line up of cash registers for the commercial grade. If the model starts with XE it is the consumer line of register. Models starting with ER and UP are commercial grade and supported by dealers.