Monday, June 25, 2012

Sharp Cash Register Review

If you are looking for a cash register you have a lot of great choices from Sharp. They offer models for retail stores, restaurants, bars, clubs and more. Whether you need bar code scanning or kitchen printing you will find several models in every price range. With todays modern technology you can also interface your cash register with a credit card terminal.

Sharp has released a register that also has a quick books transfer tool. Ten years ago it was nearly impossible and impractical to do something like that. Although cash registers still are not as advanced as computers they are evolving into incorporating more high ende features than ever seen before.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Cash Register that interfaces to a credit card terminal

Sharp ER-A347 with credit card interface
Sharp ER-A347
The Sharp ER-A347 cash register is the first I know of that can connect and interface with a standalone credit card terminal! Yes you read that correctly a standard credit card terminal. More specificly the Hypercom T4220 credit card terminal.

This secure interface will make you money because you will greatly reduce errors, speed up lines and more. Cash Register users have been looking for this feature for a very long time and Sharp is the first to do it. Not to mention this register is cutting edge and should be a great seller for years to come.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Process credit cards directly on your Sharp Cash Register

Interfacing a Sharp cash register with credit card payments in most cases will require a Datacap TwinTran which connects to your cash register's serial port and to your Internet connect and optional phone line (for back up in case internet is down) This combonation can process credit card transactuions in 2 to 4 seconds with no double entry.

This turns your cash register into a credit card terminal reducing fraud and errors. And advantage as if reducing errors and fraud were not enough it also speeds up your customer lines! It is a win win for the business owner, the cashier and the customer!

The Datacap Twin Tran also processes Gift Cards as well

Datacap TwinTran credit card interface

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sharp ER-A420 Cash Register

The Sharp ER-A420 cash register is an under-rated cash register. Simple and powerful while being very cost effective. This durable cash register has been a work horse of the Sharp line up for several years. If you want a rugged machine that won't let you down during the lunch rush than the ER-A420 is worth a 2nd look.

ER-A420 from Sharp
Sharp ER-A420 Cash Register

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sharp Cash Registers and Datacap Twin Tran

Certain models of Sharp cash registers can interface with credit card payments making your cash register much more secure. Cash Register Credit Card interface does require a 3rd party device call a Datacap TwinTran Credit Card interface. Some end users purchase the Datacap device and others receive it at not up front cost and a low monthly cost when they process credit card with Mercury Payment Systems who also offer a free gift card program to their customers. However you do it interfacing your cash register and credit card payments makes sense and makes you more money by eliminating many errors and reducing or eliminating fraud.