Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gift Cards and Cash Registers

Yes Cash Registers can integrate with your own private label Gift Cards. Now that does not mean every Gift Card company out there, but it can be done.

Don't however confuse that with the idea that every Cash Register can accept integrated Gift Cards. First of all it must be a commercial grade cash register with a serial port that can interface to a Datacap Credit Card Modem (designed just for cash registers and POS) So if you are thinking you can do this with a cheap cash register from a big box store you will be disappointed, however that does not mean you need to spend a fortune either. Cash Registers capable of Integrated Gift Card and Credit Card start at about $299.00 and up but are going to come from a commercial grade cash register dealer, not the office supply store or discount warehouse!

One Credit Card and Gift Card company specializes in Cash Register Interfaces. That company is Mercury Payment Systems and they offer a FREE Gift Card program when you use them for Credit Card. You still pay for the plastic cards but no discount or transaction fee!

Plastic Gift Cards systems are so much more secure then the standard old paper gift certificate. Even if someone stole your entire stock of cards they are useless until activated through your cash register and of course after they are activated you would have a paper trail. There are many other reasons to use a Plastic Gift Card system.

Don't be left in the past, start your own private label gift card system today. Safe and secure through a Cash Register or POS system.