Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sharp ER-A320 Cash Registers

Rumor has it the Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register will soon be gone! Epson stopped making the printer the popular cash register used. The A320 has been one of the best selling cash registers we have seen over the years. If you are a fan buy some now because in a few months they could be gone forever!

So far the replacement model is the ER-A247 or the ER-A347 which are both great registers but quite a bit different then the A320

The ER-A347 features Quick Books interface and software
Sharp ER-A347 Cash Register

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cash Register Credit Card Interface

Interfacing your credit card payments and your cash register is a hot topic however for some a confusing topic. The idea is simple and in fact the practice is simple. A few things to take into account is as of 2012 there is only one major player in making interfaces between cash registers and credit card payments. Please note I'm saying cash register payments NOT credit card terminals. This is one of the most often encountered stumbling blocks. With the exception of two models of registers the rest CAN NOT interface to traditional credit card terminals, however most modern models do interface to payments. Most modern commercial  grade registers use a device called a Datacap Twin Tran to basically turn the cash register into a credit card terminal. After the Datacap is installed all of the credit card task are done at the register, the swiping, the draft printing and the settlement. The process works great and it is fast and efficient.

Most people that contact us wish to connect their existing register to their existing standalone credit card terminal which in 99.9999% of the time is impossible. Having said that there are two cash registers from Sharp that do interface to a Hypercom Terminal breaking creating the first register to standalone terminal interface. This interface uses both units and passes the sales amount to the terminal and does require the user to use both machines to complete a transaction.

There are pros and cons with both methods however I think the Datacap has more pros. Here is a list as I see it.

Datacap Twin Tran
  • Ease of use and fewest keystrokes = PRO eliminates double entry.
  • Cost = CON The Datacap does cost more than a standalone terminal however often can be shared across many registers reducing the cost per register.
  • Speed of transaction = PRO
  • Scalable = PRO (not in every case but most)
  • Secure = PRO

Standalone Terminal
  • Ease of use and fewest keystrokes = CON requires using both machines
  • Cost = PRO standalone terminal is less expensive.
  • Speed of transaction = CON I think slower that the alternative.
  • Scalable = CON (one to one in every case)
  • Secure = PRO
Once you interface credit card payments with your cash register you will be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner. You will save time, have fewer errors and greatly reduce fraud. The Cash Register Guys are the Nation's experts at integrated payments call them at 1-800-863-2274 to see what your options are.