Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cash Register Theft Prevention

OK for years now we have been advising people to leave their Cash Registers Open when the store is closed! What you ask, are we crazy? Not at all because what we see all the time is a thief breaks in to your store, eyes a cash drawer that is closed and they assume it is just full of cash! So thinking they have hit the jack pot they proceed in destroying your cash register, or just taking the entire thing! And we all know what the idiot thief does not! There is no cash in the drawer, and most often there is a simple switch on the bottom of the drawer that will pop it open. But if thieves thought , well they just would not be thieves would they!

So leave the drawer open and a thief will most likely move along! Even if you are silly enough to leave the drawer full of cash leave it open (unless it can be viewed from outside your store of course). Leaving the drawer open will hopefully at least limit the damage a thief will do!


Sharp ER-A530 Cash Register

The ER-A530 Cash Register is a great machine. Features a large flat keyboard, two station receipt and journal printer, large cash drawer, and RS232 Interfaces.

The ER-A530 was designed for the quick service food service restaurant. I do not recommend for a table service restaurant.

Pretty easy to program and the keyboard template is available online. Lots of options available to make the most of the machine like Integrated Credit Card, Integrated Gift Card, Scale, Computer, DVR, Barcode Scanner, Kitchen Printer, and more.

Best buys for this machine is at Sharp ER-A530 Cash Register from the Cash Register Guys or at Sharp ER-A530 from POS Estore

Monday, August 4, 2008

Ink Rollers For the Sharp ER-A320 and ER-A330

The Sharp ER-A320 and ER-A320 Cash Registers both use an IR-90/91 Ink Roller in the printer. Never try to re-ink this roller when it fades. Replace the roller when the print become light. Some busy places use an Ink Roller every two weeks, but most replace the Ink Roller about every month or so.

Most Ink Rollers can be stored for quite a while as long as they are sealed. Just keep them in a cool dark place and they could keep for years in some cases.

Click here For a great deal on IR-90/91 Ink Rollers for The Sharp ER-A320 and ER-A330 Cash Registers

Sharp ER-A320 Interfaces

So the Sharp ER-A320 is a great machine. Very Heavy Duty printer and cash drawer. However we get a lot of request to interface this machine do different devices like a computer, coin changer, DVR, liquor dispenser etc. So although it is a great machine it does not interface to anything at all! It is a simple work horse for what it does.

Sharp Cash Registers Commercial Grade

So almost every day we get a call for someone looking for parts or help on an XE model of Sharp Cash Register. So the problem is Cash Register Dealers carry the commercial line of Sharp Cash Registers not the consumer line of XE models. If you bought an XE from one of the big box stores like Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, Costco etc. then you must call Sharp Directly for support, and good luck by the way. So take the XE back to the big box store and then look for a commercial grade Cash Register. Here are a couple great sources. Sharp Cash Registers from The Cash Register Guys and Sharp Cash Registers from Point of Sale Estore

The commercial grade machines from Sharp all start with the model line up of ER, or UP and include:
  • Sharp ER-A242
  • Sharp ER-A320
  • Sharp ER-A330
  • Sharp ER-A410
  • Sharp ER-A420
  • Sharp ER-A440
  • Sharp ER-A450T
  • Sharp ER-A520
  • Sharp ER-A530
  • Sharp UP-600
  • Sharp UP-700